Ullapool, 30 July 1883 - John Maclean & Murdo Stewart

JOHN MACLEAN and MURDO STEWART, Auchiltibuie—recalled.

28543. The Chairman.
—(To John Maclean.) Will you state exactly how you were elected ? How many persons were there present when you were elected a delegate, and when was the meeting held ? How many heads of families were there present paying rent?
—There were eight present who were paying rent in addition to others who wished that I should come here and represent them ; but the most of the people were away from home. If those who were away had been at home I don't doubt but that they would have been all present.

28544. Was that in Altandu alone ?
—Altandu alone.

28545. Were there any strangers present ?
—Nobody except the members of the township. There were no strangers.

28546. Was the minister there?
—He was not at home, but the minister was present when the statement in his handwriting was prepared.

28547. [To Murdo Stewart.] How were you elected ?
—I was elected for a place called Polglass at this end of Auchiltibuie. There were about twenty people present from various townships. There would have been a great many more present, but the most of the people were away at the time.

28548. Twenty heads of families?
—Yes, there would be about twenty heads of families; there were from four to five townships. Two of the men who were not present at the meeting at which I was elected sent money towards the payment of my expenses coming here.

28549. Sir Kenneth Mackenzie.
—Do you know of the meeting Mr Gunn referred to, at which only two were present, at Auchiltibuie?
—I never heard of such a meeting.

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