Shieldaig, 1 August 1883 - Charles James Murray

CHARLES JAMES MURRAY, Proprietor, Lochcarron (31)—examined.

29890. The Chairman.
—I believe you desire to make a statement on a particular point ?
—There was a point made by the inhabitants that the shingle is taken away from the south-east end of this village by the road commissioners and ships in search of ballast. By the removal of this shingle they consider these stances are endangered. Several high tides have occurred in the last few years, and one or two years ago they washed away the road in front of the village here; and they fear for the stances upon which their houses are built. They have complained, and there have been some local squabbles between them and the commissioners. I am not aware what steps have been taken in connection with the matter.

29891. Who is the foreshore supposed to belong to ?
—That is a question I cannot tell. It is claimed for the proprietor, and there is a statement put forward, which you heard, from the first witness, and which I do not understand, about its belonging to Government.

29892. With reference to ships taking it away for ballast, —have you interdicted the ships ?
—That has been prevented, I am informed, by the ground officer.

29893. Then the quarrel now lies with the road commissioners?

29894. Have you made a representation to them ?
—I am prepared to do so.

29895. Is there any other point upon which you wish to make any remark ?
—Not at present.

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