Glenelg, 4 August 1883 - William Grant and Alexander Mclennan (Letterfearn)

WILLIAM GRANT and ALEXANDER M'LENNAN, Letterfearn, Glenshiel—examined.

32531. The Chairman.
—I understand you have some request to make regarding the proceedings at yesterday's meeting at Letterfearn?
—We wish your Lordship and the Commission to receive a short statement in supplement of the evidence which we gave yesterday.

32531*. Please to show it to me?
—It is as follows :
—' We, the Letterfearn delegates, beg to make known to the Royal Commission that it is not alone for the small piece of land which was offered to some of the Letterfearn people for £15, that the farm of Druidaig was reduced £60, but on account also of the shooting and lodge, which was attached to the said farm, being taken away from it last term, It was reduced £60, on which the farmer got more than £100 every year. The statement by Mr M'Lean, the factor, may have led the Royal Commission to believe that £60 was taken off Druidaig for the small piece of land which was offered to the Letterfearn people for £15. But if the fourth delegate was called he would have explained this matter, and as he was not called we have thought it best to give this note to the Royal Commission. Regarding Ruarach, which was offered to some of the Letterfearn people, the tenant, who had it previous to that time, was obliged to give it up by losing a great deal of money on it. Therefore, we thought it better not to go under a burden which would be impossible to carry. We thought Nonach the same.
Your statement will be added to the evidence, and considered along
with the rest.

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